Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Covid arrangements? Dependent on prevailing regulations and guidelines. We comply with recommendations and instructions from the local authority, Public Health England and government.

Can I have a ticket refund? Yes, in some circumstances. These are set out for 2021 on our Buy Tickets page.

Are dogs allowed? Yes, when kept on a short lead. Dogs are not to be taken into the cooking tents.

Are bikes allowed? No, the site is intended for pedestrians. Cyclists may secure bikes to fencing before entry.

Is the site accessible for those with wheelchairs or disabilities? Yes, and there are toilets for the disabled, but there are not hard surface walkways on the field.

Cash or card? Card. Most traders accept card payments but some might not.  There is no cash machine on site, but there are some nearby in Formby Village.

Who needs a wristband? Everybody, even children who are free, so that we can keep an accurate count of how many people are on site.

Can I re-enter? Yes. Wristbands mean that everyone can enter and leave the site as they wish. Please be aware that those re-entering go through security again at the entrance.

What ID do I need? Photographic ID such as a CitizenCard displaying a PASS hologram(Proof of Age Standards Scheme). They are available free to enrolled schools and colleges. To enrol, email

What ID do I need to purchase alcohol? Photographic ID such as driving licence, passport or CitizenCard. We operate “Challenge 25”.

Is there Wifi? No, but there are Wifi hotspots in Formby village, close by.

Are there vegetarian and special dietary food options? Yes, traders have this clearly displayed on their stands.

Is there a Lost and Found? Yes, at the main entrance ticket office.

Are there baby changing facilities? Yes, located near to the first aid tent in the centre of the park.

Is there anywhere I can feed my baby? Yes, NCT provides an area where parents can go to feed their babies quietly and without any disturbance.

Is there First Aid? Yes. British Red Cross provides first aid cover from their own tent. Ask a steward or British Red Cross personnel.

Can I give out flyers around the festival area? No. Anyone found to be passing out flyers will be asked to leave.

Can I bring alcohol on to the site? No.

Can I bring glass bottles or cans on to the site? No.

Can I bring BBQs on to the site? No.

Are there security measures? Yes.