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Show Day
11am – 11pm

Kids’ Cooking tent.
Bake-Off competition.

Ark2Ewe. Petting zoo free for children: Alpacas, Chickens, Chinchillas , Ducks , Goats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Sheep, Tortoises … whoever is available! f . i .

Fairground Attractions.
For all the family.
Tokens needed.

Bouncy Castle.
For children.
Tokens needed.

Mr Stix.
Classic entertainment free for children.
f . i . w .

Stunning looped guitar acrobatics and soulful pop. Born in Jamaica, raised in Belfast, lives in Liverpool. f . i .

Sienne. Heavy guitar riffs, bold drums and catchy vocals … an incredible live setting.

Jonny Taylor. 60s-style vocal emotion with a fresh, modern twist of guitar. f

Mig 15.
f . i .

City on the Hill. Alt rock influenced by indie-folk rock through to trip-hop. f . i . w .

Paint Me in Colour. Fun and refreshing artsy-concept perspective.
. i . w .

Denio. “… clanging post-punk study in a sterilised test tube where Foals are shaken up with The Cure’s DNA …” f . i .

Livvy K.
f . i .

James Richard and the Whiskey Thrills. Authentic and skilful rock and country. f . i .

f . i .

Firework Display. Following our dance-music session, the evening ends with our own themed musical firework and video display: a stunning show for all the family, beginning at 10.30pm.